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Latest Internet Technologies Help CAE Vendors Offer Better Customer Service


ALGORís web site offers an online customer service center called the My Account section (upper left) that includes a My Resources area (center) which allows customers to view Tech Tips, Tutorials and Webcasts customized to the products they own. The wide range of online tools available enables customers to directly manage their customer account and software license data, update software, access reference materials such as tutorials (lower right) and easily communicate with service team members about ALGOR products and services.

ALGOR offers free software demonstration Webcasts and software training Web Courses on topics ranging from general finite element modeling and analysis concepts to specific applications for using ALGOR software. These Webcasts and Web Courses are available both live and on-demand at for training any time of the day. 

Bob Williams
Product Manager
Pittsburgh, PA

The Internet has the potential to be more than a medium CAE vendors use to provide information about their company, products and services. Today's interactive Internet tools allow CAE vendors to create a multimedia environment that provides better support to customers around the world.

Such an Internet-based customer service center can give users a more direct way to manage their own accounts, resources to help them get started quickly with the software and interactive tools so they can enjoy personalized support and training. By taking advantage of the online tools offered by leading CAE vendors, users can receive more value from their software.

Direct Account Management

Online account management tools let customers have more direct control over their software assets. For example, the My Account area of lets customers change their contact/license information and view account information such as the products owned, number of seats for each product, when the software was last updated and more. They can also perform software license management tasks such as registering software, downloading license files that immediately unlock new capabilities and rehosting software to a different computer or server in the event of hardware failure. All of these online account management tools should be supported by instantaneous, automatic e-mail communication that lets users know about changes to their account, whether done online or through an account manager.

In addition, notifications right within the CAE software letting users know real-time about new capabilities and providing the option to download them immediately or later is another way to help customers control their software assets.

Resources for Getting Started

Within an online customer service center, CAE vendors could provide a convenient method for locating resources available that would help them get started with the software in an efficient manner. The My Resources section of ALGORís My Account area, for example, allows users to view a list tailored specifically for the products they own consisting of technical tips, tutorials and Webcasts to walk through an analysis step-by-step.

Users could also benefit from an Internet-based, multimedia learning approach including software demonstration Webcasts and distance learning Web Courses, which teach users how to be more efficient with the software at their own desktops while eliminating travel costs and time outside the office. Prospective customers can use these Webcasts to see the software in action before making a purchase. Because websites such as make this content available on-demand, users can improve their software skills any time of the day and at any location around the world.

Tools for Customized Distance Learning and Personalized Support

In addition to providing streaming, on-demand Webcasts and Web Courses, CAE vendors can use Webcasting technology to develop customized training curricula to fit individual needs in terms of level, pace and content and schedule sessions to fit the user's needs. This is an excellent and cost-effective option when a team of users in different corporate divisions and locations would benefit from consistent education.

Webcasting technology can also be used to deliver personalized support, in which a technical support engineer walks the customer through the solution to a problem, screen by screen, live over the Internet. Coupling Webcasting with other Internet conferencing tools such as WebEx or Microsoft Live Meeting can provide a way to even share files among participants in multiple locations.

Regardless of the method used to deliver customized service and education, the increasing use of these multimedia tools indicates a growing trend toward enabling users to receive on-demand and personalized customer service right at their desks.

Get More Value from Your CAE Software

Other online tools that may be available include systems for initiating and tracking new software feature requests, forums for asking technical support questions and e-mail subscription management capabilities to control the type and frequency of automatic notifications that customers receive from their CAE vendor.

By leveraging the latest Internet technologies, technology-minded CAE vendors are able to provide their customers with more direct control over their software license and account data; additional resources; and more interactive, personalized support and training. These capabilities empower customers to directly manage their software, support and education resources, when and how they need them, and ultimately receive more value from their CAE software.

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